Sunday, January 12, 2014

Banana Nutella French Toast Rolls

One of my favorite things to do with the kids is have lazy Sundays together. We watch cartoons, cook a fun breakfast, and really try to spend some quality time together before people start running around. For breakfast, this morning, I attempted to make french toast roll. They were so yummy. The kids just gobbled them up!
What I did first was cut the crust off of the bread. But I'm not going to waste it because stale crusts are great for making bread crumbs. Then, we got up the rolling pin and rolled them as flat as we could. The kids really love this step. Nothing like a rolling pin to spice up Sunday morning cooking!

 Then as quickly as possible before the breaded tempted to return to its natural fluffy state I slapped on some Nutella and some sliced banana and very carefully made them into rolls. 

The rolls can be dipped into your usual French bread egg mixture. Mine happens to be an egg (or two), milk, vanilla extract, salt and pepper. I was able to get away with only using one egg for this recipe and kind of stretching it out with a little bit more milk than usual. Then I put the rolls on the pan. The beautiful thing about this for me was that my teeny tiny pan that usually calls for me to cook french bread one slice at a time was able to fit three comfortably I probably could have even fit 4 on. 

I sprinkled them with powdered sugar just make the kids feel extra special but you can always skip this step as they are just as good without.

Et voila! A fun family friendly breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning.