Thursday, July 11, 2013

Healthy Banana "Ice Cream"

As much as it drives me crazy, my kids love their desserts, sweets, and treats.  Around this time of year, ice cream is a definite favorite.  But when they ask for it, my face goes pale and my body grows weak envisioning the sugar high they are about to embark on.  It may look something a little like this:

But it lasts longer and is even more annoying in person.

I am so thankful that we discovered a healthy option for a completely delicious banana pseudo ice cream.  My daughter loves to boast about how healthy it is and my son hasn't even realized that it's not actual sugar laden ice cream.  (And of course I love it both for it's lack of artificial sugar and it's utter simplicity.)


2 bananas
1/4 cup of milk

This does require a little prep work because the bananas must be frozen, so I generally buy a large bunch of bananas (we love them for so many other things too) and I automatically slice 2 and put them in a bag in the freezer.

Then when we are ready for a (naturally) sweet treat we put the bananas and the milk in the food processor and whip them up until they become smooth and the consistency of ice cream.

Then, the part that makes it all worth while for the kids...decorating!  We often keep it simple with chocolate shavings, but occasionally letting the kids go nuts with the sprinkles is all the more fun.

Your delicious dessert of banana "ice cream" is ready!

(Serves about 4)


  1. What an easy, delicious and healthy treat. Love the video, the kids are adorable. Thank you for sharing. Now your newest follower on bloglovin. :)

  2. I saw a recipe like this in the newspaper a few months back and haven't tried it yet. It looks really yummy!

  3. My two year old would love this recipe have to make it for him! :)

  4. You're nominated for the Liebster award. Come see it :)

  5. I recently purchased a Yonanas machine that makes the frozen bananas into ice cream. I absolutely love it but am having a hard time getting my 6yo daughter on board.. Lol

    1. I've seen that before! Have you tried giving her sprinkles and letting her go to town making it her own? I'm glad you like it though. I was seriously thinking about purchasing it, but my food processor works pretty well. It just needs some milk to make it a smoother consistency.

  6. That looks like a great idea! I want to try it with my kids (and for me, lol). You had me at the chocolate shavings :)

  7. Thanks everybody! You definitely have to try.