Friday, July 26, 2013

Cape Cod

Okay, I have a confession.  I should have been diligently working on my answers and new
questions for the Leibster Award.  I should have been checking on all of the awesome, brilliant blogs that I'm following and honestly love.  But I was in Cape Cod with my family and although I've been back for a while now, I have been soooooo overwhelmed with trying to catch up on work, laundry, cleaning, and so much more.  It is ridiculous.  I still don't feel like I'm anywhere near caught up and we've been back for somewhere around a week now.  So I am going to go work on my answers to the Leibster award and leave you with a bunch of unedited pictures I'm slapping up from both my phone and a my computer.  

 The resort in which we stayed had a reptile show which was really awesome.  My daughter got to be the volunteer on stage helping to hold the boa constrictor.
 And at the end she got to hold the American Alligator.
 My son reluctantly touched it.
 The kids liked the pool more than the ocean.  They loved that they could just wake up, walk out the door and get in the pool...when the could convince me to come.  (And no, I don't really have 28 chins....I hope.)
 My daughter has a thing for mermaids. So she became one.
And it rubbed off on my son.  You can't really tell from the picture, but he had a mermaid tail as well (except he couldn't help but wiggle his toes and make the whole thing fall apart over and over again.)
 We did some catch and release fishing.  My daughter is an EXPERT caster.  (Yes, I learned how to cast from my 8 year old.  She learned last summer from my brother.)
 My 3 year old caught a fish almost as soon as he put his line in the water.
Believe it or not, this is the picture with the LEAST amount of hair in her face.
 There was an indoor pool for those rainy days.
 Tattoo artists.

 Pirate mini golf.
 They've been naughty.
 I read some great reviews about a restaurant called The Thai House and never having Thai food before (how did THAT happen) I decided we should try.  I was really not going to take a picture of it in the middle of the restaurant until I had my first bite. OMG It was DELICIOUS.
 Pad Thai.  I think my first words were "HOW HAVE I LIVED MY ENTIRE LIFE WITHOUT THIS?!?"

We stopped for ice cream and they were seriously the BIGGEST most ridiculous ice cream cones I've ever seen even after asking for the smallest cone they have. 

 An attempt to take a picture on the duck boat.
 My BMOC made me take a million pictures of him and him with his sister in front of this museum although we didn't even go in.  I would've liked to.  I'm a huge Jackie Kennedy fan, but I can probably find most of the same pictures on the internet anyway.  Plus I'm planning on getting Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy.  There is a audio version and I totally want to hear her own voice.  That would be so cool.  So I digress....(what else is new?)
My brother and I took the kids on the rail trail.  My brother brought his own bike, but I just didn't have enough room or motivation to try to pack our bikes.  So I rented a bike with a TagAlong for my daughter.  She is quite the perfectionist and gets frustrated if she can't keep up or gets tired. So this way there was no fussing or fretting.  I also rented a trailer that we were able to hook up to my brother's bike and my son had a great time going along for the ride and telling my brother when to speed up or "engage his rocket boosters."
Summmer Shanty.  Amazing restaurant.  Outside.  Lots of boats.
Perfect for kids.  They don't need to behave PERFECTLY because that is extremely hard for my son and it's just a good time.  We started our vacay with dinner there and enjoyed it so much we also ended our vacay with dinner there.

Hope you enjoyed...I'm off to finish more laundry, do more work, and of course get my Leibster Award post ready.  Time to check all of your blogs to see what you've been up to while I've been MIA!


  1. Your kids are so cute! That is one very big ice cream cone, I'm guessing they didn't finish it :) I'm glad that you tried Thai food, I love it!

    1. His shirt finished what his mouth couldn't! Haha!