Monday, February 17, 2014

2013 Revisited and 14 in 2014

When I was younger I used to tell people that 13 was my lucky number. I think it was mostly because I always had to be different. I fancied myself as an independent thinker even when I was young enough that favorite/lucky anything mattered. Or perhaps it's just my soft spot for anything undervalued or otherwise overlooked. So as soon as I heard that 13 was an unlucky number, it automatically became my lucky number and stuck.  
Last new years, the eve of 2013, I knew it was going to be a good year and things were going to get better. (Then again it's not like it could've gotten any worse.) 
And I was totally...right! 2013 was a great year!

Yes, I finally started moving toward my major, important goals, but we also just had a great time.

Here are some highlights:
My daughter turned 8.

My son turned 3.

My daughter and I got to go skiing (hopefully this year I'll get to take my son and hopefully his new fear of, well, everything won't prove to be a huge impediment) 

We went to D.C. - an amazing place to visit and has a ton of fun free things to do.

We went to Cape Cod over the summer.

My daughter moved up to pre-team in gymnastics.

My son earned his white belt in karate.

I even managed to accomplish some bucket list activities:
I went to the shooting range.

I biked 17 miles to a nearby city, just to have lunch and bike all the way back.

I ran my first official 5k.
So in the spirit of the Bucket List type of lifestyle, I have been compiling a list of 14 things I want to do in 2014 - outside of my goals.  At first, it was impossible to come up with more than 10 and then all of the sudden I had about 20.  So as long as it took me to get up to 14 items, it took me just as long if not longer to pare it back down to the things I think I might actually have a chance to accomplish this year.
1. I want to take my son rock climbing. (Yes, I started the list prior to actually taking him.)
2. Family ski trip!
3. Surf (This is a must for me, I picked an age completely arbitrarily and decided I would surf before I hit that age, well this will be the last summer before that birthday. So I have no choice, I MUST surf!!!)
4.Archery (Always wanted to, and no not JUST because it would be a great skill should I ever find myself standing in the middle of the ZOMBIE apocalypse.)
5.Visit art galleries.  (I've had a website bookmarked of the 10 best art galleries in a nearby city for the longest time now.  I really would love to spend an evening gallery-hopping.)
6.SUP (Last summer I googled places to stand up paddle board and had a few, I was ready to call them and everything, but time and money got in the way so it never happened.)
7. Program something (I'm teaching myself - and my daughter - Python.  I have an awesome idea for an educational kids game and I would love to program it this year.)
8. Sew 10 Little Dresses for Africa.  (Super cool. Check out the website.)
9.Barre Classes (another always just wanted to try, took ballet as an itty bitty, and heard it makes your legs look gorrrrr-geoussssss)
10. Crochet something for each of my children (love crochet, have that can-never-quite-finish-a-project syndrome)
11. Read 10 books.  ( I know, I know, not exactly a lofty goal, but I made it an easy 10 books because with work, kids, going back to school to get my certification, training for a half marathon-this is going to be #12, I'm so busy, but I love reading and hope I read many, many more books- not counting school books- than this.
12.Run a half marathon. (with one of my friends from work, stepping it up from my 5k, a biiig step)
13. Eat pho (another one of those how did I manage to live my life without this type of moments, I'm hoping)
14. Man this is where it gets really hard.  Should it be something pertaining to my blog?  Perhaps.  That would be important, but I'm not sure where I can go with it.  I would need something that was completely under my control and with a set end point. Because I definitely need the feeling of crossing something of the list.  It's so satisfying.  Should it be something adventurous/athletic again.  I've always wanted to do aerial yoga and a friends from work has expressed an interest in us going together at some point.  Should it be something else food related?  Something work/career related?  Something family related? Travel? What a hard decision!  I think that it would be important for me to have a goal regarding money/saving/debt.  But oh! There's so much work to do before I can get into that.  I just received my work contract so now the budgeting begins! ;)  I think ultimately I must make this #14:
14. Take my kids camping at a real campground.  We made it out in the backyard a couple times last year, but I think this year I'm ready to tackle an actual campground.  It can happen!

I'm adding this list of 14 things to do in 2014 along the sidebar so you can keep track with me as I get to cross things off the list.


  1. Wow, congrats! 2013 was an amazing year! I would agree (it was for me too!) Good luck with your list as you check off the 2014 adventures. Beware of the's addicting. Show that finish line whose boss!

  2. Thank you for stopping by when we were out! Your words really meant a lot to me and I can't thank you enough. 2013 sounded like it was a super year for you but I bet 2014 will be even bigger and better. :)

    1. Thank you! I think so. It's starting off pretty well. I hope it is an amazing...well rested!...year for you. Lol

  3. Hi dear,this may come as a surprise... I just nominated u for an award on my blog. U can there

    1. Wow! Thank you! That is really amazing. And congrats to you for getting it as well!